Jana Cova from the Czech Republic…

Jana Cova

We had flown in Jana Cova from the Czech Republic to shoot with us for a week, and since we were going to be neck deep in Jana photos and videos by the end of her trip, Stephen encouraged me to be a bit more aggressive with the styling, and make up on this particular day. I love what our makeup artist did to make Jana’s eyes the center of attention, that being said I think Jana could have done just the same without a spec of make up on.

Jana Cova 001

Jana Cova 002

Jana Cova 003

Jana Cova 004

Jana Cova 005

Jana Cova 006

Jana Cova 007

Jana Cova 008

Jana Cova 009

Jana Cova 010

Jana Cova 011

Jana Cova 012

Jana Cova 13

Jana Cova 014

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